The Icarus Project

 (based in New York City, NY)

We are a support network and media project by and for people who experience the world in ways that are often diagnosed as mental illness. We envision a new culture that allows the space and freedom for exploring different states of being, and recognizes that breakdown can be the entrance to breakthrough. We aim to create a language that is so vast and rich that it expresses the infinite diversity of human experiences.

Mind Freedom International

(based in Eugene, OR & New York, NY)

MindFreedom International is a nonprofit organization that unites 100 sponsor and affiliate grassroots groups with thousands of individual members to win human rights and alternatives for people labeled with psychiatric disabilities.

Los Angeles County Client Coalition

(based in Los Angeles, CA)

The Los Angeles County Client Coalition (LACCC), its affiliate BLACCC, and its chapters, including the Latino Coalition and Asian Coalition, are dedicated to championing diversity and inclusion to create a just society that embraces people with diverse abilities.

Integrative Mental Health for You (IMHU)

(based in Woodstock, VT)

Integrative mental healthcare attends to biological issues, psychological and social problems, as well as the profound desire for psycho-spiritual growth. Mental health disturbances can come from any or all of these areas and thus all must be considered in diagnosis and treatment. Practitioners of the integrative model take a cautious approach to the use of psychiatric drugs. They encourage spiritual growth, aka spiritual emergence, and recognize that at times some people will need special assistance for “spiritual emergency” (a psycho-spiritual crisis).

International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis (ISPS)

(based internationally)

ISPS is an international organization promoting psychotherapy and psychological treatments for persons with psychosis (a term which includes persons diagnosed with “schizophrenia”). We are committed to advancing education, training and knowledge of mental health professionals in the treatment and prevention of psychotic mental disorders. We seek to achieve the best possible outcomes for service user/survivors of psychosis by engaging in meaningful partnership with health professionals, service user/survivors, families and careers.

International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP)

(based in Washington, DC)

The mission of ISEPP is to use the standards of scientific inquiry and critical reasoning to address the ethics of psychology and psychiatry. We strive to educate our members and the public about the nature of “mental illness”, the de-humanizing and coercive aspects of many forms of mental health treatment, and the alternative humane ways of helping people who struggle with very difficult life issues. We believe this is essential since one of the most cherished principles in the mental health field is “informed consent”. That means you should be fully and honestly informed about the problems you are experiencing, and the full risks and benefits of any treatment, before making truly voluntary decisions about your care. Our goal is to fully inform you.

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