grow towards the light quote

The Wildflowers’ Movement is a collaborative space that utilizes the process of giving and receiving mindful support to practice self-awareness, cultivate radical wellness, and celebrate diversity.

In vast meadows thriving with life, flowers bloom as a natural consequence of the environment. While perhaps of the same species, each blossom retains its own nature, and opens its colors to the sky as though in offering to the great cycle of existence.

In the Wildflowers’ Movement, it is our philosophy that as individuals, we resemble the meadow flower. Though we are distinct as people we are not separate, that though our expressions of life fluctuate we can still become a part of the lustrous whole by recognizing our interconnectedness and inner beauty through self-awareness and community building.

The Wildflowers’ Movement accepts and welcomes people with diverse histories and backgrounds, especially those who have experienced health issues firsthand. It is our contention that experience should not be formulated as a pathology of symptoms, but rather as a wide array of wealth and knowledge to be gleaned from our first hand encounters with life that have informed us in unique ways. It is through sharing our insights and understandings that we come to strengthen our community amid potentially alienating environments and circumstances, that we positively build on the self in the manner of spiritual alchemists who turn the lead of experience into the gold of realization and awareness.

You are welcome to the group for whichever reason you feel you should be. No matter how alienated you are by the world around you, no matter how out of step or disconnected you might feel, you are not alone.

We believe that true community which embraces diversity is the solution.

Self-acceptance is the key to recognizing who we truly are.

Self-awareness is having a clear perception of our personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Self-awareness allows us to understand other people, how they perceive us, our attitude and our responses to them in the moment.

Self-consciousness, including super-consciousness, is the mental activity through which we feel a sense of being or existing as a unique and total individual.  This notion comes out of reflexive philosophy and its derivatives that hold that the human faculty of consciousness, apparent to itself and having itself as its object, marks the primacy of consciousness in the definition of the human psyche. This sense of identity, this initial subjective stance, is established gradually, being linked with the general development of the human mind in its relationship to itself and the outside world.

Self-awareness and self-consciousness, and super-consciousness are to be cultivated daily in order to maintain our self-acceptance.