Creative Expression

We Are All Wildflowers In This Meadow Called Life


In vast meadows thriving with life, flowers bloom as a natural consequence of the environment. While perhaps of the same species, each blossom retains its vibrant individuality, expressing both circumstance and its own nature as it opens its colors to the sky, each moment of life an offering to the great cycle of existence.

The philosophy of the Wildflowers’ Movement is that as individuals we resemble the meadow flower. Though we are distinct as people, we are not separate; though our expressions of life vary, we are still part of the lustrous whole. We recognize our interconnectedness and inner beauty through our practices of self-awareness and community building.

 The Wildflowers’ Movement accepts and welcomes people with diverse histories and backgrounds, especially those who have experienced health challenges first hand. We believe that we need not pathologize our symptoms. On the contrary, we seek to glean wisdom from our life journeys that have informed us in unique ways. By sharing our insights and understandings, we strengthen our community and, in the manner of spiritual alchemists, transform the lead of our experiences into the gold of realization and awareness.